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We at Bridgend Farmers Market believe that the market is not purely for farmers, but for anyone who produces a product.

We are currently looking for new producers to join the market.

If you live within the 35 mile radius of Bridgend and wish to sell your produce at a reasonable price, please contact the Market Co-ordinator (details on the home page). We will consider applications from further afield if the produce is unusual or if we are under-represented locally in that category.

We are looking in particular for people who produce dairy products, fruit and vegetables, juices, yoghurts, ice cream, bread and any goat products. However, if you produce anything else we will consider you, so please contact us.

Initially you would not need to join the market. Providing notice has been agreed we can usually accomodate anyone who wishes to trade for a day to assertain whether regular attendance is warranted. However, it does usually take a few visits to gain a loyal customer base.

If you are considering attending the market, or feel that you have a product which you think may sell, or would like some advice about having a stall, please do not be afraid to contact us. We will be only too happy to answer your questions.

Producers should note that in addition to the simple rules of the Market, they will be responsible for complying with all legislation, including any specific to their produce.

Market Rules for Stall Holders

  1. All produce/products must be locally grown or produced (using local ingredients wherever possible) and originate within a 35 mile radius of Bridgend Town Centre Market site.

  2. At the discretion of the Steering Committee this can be extended to attract produce/products unavailable within the 35 mile radius and priority will be given to the most local.

  3. Only producers, relatives or employees of producers will be permitted to sell at the Market Stalls, bought-in produce/products will not be permitted.

  4. Local growers/producers organisations and umbrella organisations such as Allotment Associations, Womens' Institute Markets, City Farms etc may appoint a representative to sell pooled produce on one 'communal' stall, provided that those selling are directly involved in production.

  5. All stalls must display business/group name and address, and have Product/Public Liability Insurance cover.

  6. All produce/products should be clearly labelled with the name and address of the producer, the weight in metric where appropriate, priced accordingly and labelled organic if registered.

  7. A weighing balance or spring, stamped as legal for trade and calibrated in metric units will be required for weighing out loose produce/products. Small items are best pre-packed - show minimum metric weight and variety. Some vegetables such as spring onions can be sold in bunches.

  8. The market will open at 10.00hrs until 13.00hrs and stalls should not close down or pack up during this period.

  9. Produce/products should be of a high standard, well presented and displayed. Stalls can be made colourful and attractive.

  10. Stalls/tables should be kept clean and tidy, packaging should be kept to a minimum and recycled where possible.

  11. The fee will be adjusted according to the venue.

  12. Abatoir identification should be displayed, if you are selling meat, to prove that it has been slaughtered properly.

  13. All produce should adhere to the rules and regulations of the Food Safety (General Food Hygene) Regulations 1995, the Food Safety (Temperature Control) Regulations 1995 and the provisions of the Food Safety Act 1995.
    Full details are available from Graham Gubb of the Public Protection Department (Tel 01656 643279).

  14. All Producers handling food are requested to wear white coats.

  15. All producers selling alcoholic drinks must comply with the provisions of the licensing legislation.