Brain Food – Tips To Provide Your Brain The Nourishment It Needs

Besides being a powerhouse of information repository, our brain keeps track of many other body functions. Some vital features of our brain include visual processing, motor control, auditory control, learning and sensation. Looking at all the functions and considerations you don’t need to think twice about the brain being the most vital organ of your body. No matter what the malfunction of your brain is, it could be well understood when related to the new technology used in your computer. Without the hard disk in your machine, your system is as efficient as being dead, as hard disk contains all significant information of your computer. If your computer hard disk is crashed, it is not possible for you to recover the lost data, at least most of it. All the same, if Alzheimer’s disorder or Amnesia is struck, it at first destroys cells in our brain and memory gets affected. Memory failure makes us totally useless as we almost forget all skills we have learnt since a long period of time especially languages. Such diseases could turn man into things equivalent to a vegetable.

Every medication used to get back the memory is utilized for brain nourishment. Nourishment can be achieved through universal nourishment of brain and body. To have both brain and body to work together, we need to feed the body in right quantity and at the same time keep it active by taking part in mental and physical activities like memory games and jogging. Children, when in their initial stages, should explicitly be taken care of. Appropriate nutrition can make sure of their mental and physical well being. From the initial stages of pregnancy, to-be mothers are advised with correct dosage of folic acid and multivitamins to assist in the growth of fetus, brain in specific. When dietary supplements and folic acid is low or not taken in right quantity, mental growth starts retarding. Initial growing stages of children, when they eat what they prefer and become choosy, health drinks are implied to be given to them. One needs to take care of with dedication so that growth is not affected. Many health capsules have come to the market along with corresponding health drinks, however, the trusted and the best supplement is supposed to be cod-liver oil. Cod-liver oil is rich with Omega 3 fat helping in better faster growth of brain. Much research has proved that young children who are given cod liver oil almost on daily basis, manifest better memory and an active body.

We hardly make use of such natural supplements and over periods of time, drugs are interfered making things worse along with apparent everyday life stress. We are prone to various mental disorders including attention problems, confusion, foggy brain etc. One should ensure to remember that the core growth of the brain depends fully upon the nutrition given at an early age and the Noocube before and after growth doesn’t last a lifetime. It needs to be supplemented on a customary basis. Over the counter, there are still many supplements available which are fortified with Folic Acid, Zinc, magnesium and other important nutrients for the brain. Any new supplements alone would not prove wonders over your brain unless you exercise well. Challenging memory very often by engaging in different mentally challenging activities and other memory games ensure right supply of oxygen and blood to the brain. Keeping blood pressure and cholesterol in control and taking good care of your heart help in cleansing arteries of blocks allowing better flow of blood. Estrogen level and other hormones should be maintained right as it directly affects the brain leading to several disorders in the longer run.

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