The Top Ten Worst Video Game Movies

Computer game films are generally popular by fans, however they are hard to make in light of the novel settings and characters. These ten computer game films are viewed as the most terrible ever. The motion pictures have level characters, don’t adhere to the storylines of the games, have ludicrously silly scenes, and have horrendous, ridiculous outfits, even by gaming norms. A portion of these motion pictures battle to make a story that was never there; others obliterate a simple to-make film with unfortunate acting, unfortunate view, and ludicrous changes to the characters.

“DOA: Dead or Alive”

Delivered in 2006, “DOA: Dead or Alive” was a film that 안전놀이터 had elevated standards encompassing it. The computer game offers ocean side scenes, ladies battling in meager stuff, and aerobatic exhibition that push the human structure. It’s an intriguing game to play, so crowd individuals figured it would be a thrilling film. Sadly, the film zeroed in on uncovering outfits and irregular scenes that didn’t appear to have a justification for being in the film by any means.

“Sovereign of Persia: The Sands of Time”

In 2010, a well known computer game, “Sovereign of Persia,” was changed over into a film. The computer game has a person who controls time to get what he needs, however the film doesn’t confront the undertaking. A British entertainer plays the Persian person, which was a significant shortcoming that fans didn’t appreciate. The film is more earnestly to follow than it ought to be, and the silly lines and fairly level humor exacerbate it.


“BloodRayne” might have been an incredible film, particularly with the vampire-based subject and science fiction capacities of the characters. Nonetheless, the 2005 film is batty and unconvincing to crowds, which is astonishing thinking about that the 2000s created so many well known vampire motion pictures. The main redeeming quality of this film is that entertainer Kristanna Loken really suits, and looks, the part.


Delivered in 2005, “Destruction” neglected to change over the game into an onscreen magnum opus. The game rotates around a fierce conflict with evil spirits, colossal weapons, and heaps of activity. The film doesn’t do very too, since it doesn’t adhere to the storyline of the game, confounding the crowd. The film is difficult to follow, and, surprisingly, the expansion of The Rock doesn’t help.

“Wing Commander”

In 1999, “Wing Commander” was delivered in theaters. There were trusts that it would be famous, on the grounds that the game was notable. The game was extremely conspicuous during the 90s, and it even had in-game film with Hollywood stars like Mark Hamill and Malcolm McDowell. The film falls flat for a couple of reasons, including the way that the chiefs don’t utilize the first entertainers. The intergalactic feline individuals that the characters battle in the game don’t show up until the end scenes, making this film a wreck.

“Road Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li”

The “Road Fighter” establishment is notable to a great many people who love computer games. In this specific game, road battling characters take part in a competition with remarkable hopefuls, which is a basic reason that appears hard to screw up. Tragically, the film depends on gunfights, which is odd in light of the fact that the computer game seldom, if at any time, utilizes weapons. For some fans, this totally ruins the film.

“Place of the Dead”

The 2003 arrival of “Place of the Dead” was unforeseen, in light of the fact that the first game was just an arcade game. It never had a very remarkable story, so the film battles to make a storyline. There are a lot of zombies and firearms, however the film doesn’t have a lot letting it all out.

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