Tom Brady Wasn’t Always an Elite Quarterback

Over the past ten years Tom Brady and the New England Patriots has been a consistent powerhouse in the National Football League. During that ten year span the Patriots have won two Super Bowl titles, nine division titles and five Super Bowl appearances. However during those Super Bowl runs Tom Brady did not put up elite quarterback numbers.

In no way am I trying to bash one of the greatest signal callers to ever play the game. All I am trying to say is that the Patriots signal caller did not come out of University of Michigan setting the world on fire. He constantly worked hard at improving his craft which is being an NFL quarterback.

Another factor that contributed to Brady’s success is his head coach Bill Belichick. Unlike other defensive minded head coaches that are stuck in their old ways Belichick has constantly evolved during his tenure as Patriots head coach. I remember when Tom Brady worked with players such as Troy Brown, David Patten and Antoine Smith in the backfield. Back in those days it was all about the Patriots defense getting the job done and Brady was just a game manager.

In the off season of 2007 the Patriots decided to acquire wide receiver Randy Moss from the Oakland Raiders. During that year Tom Brady took his career to another level. He broke Peyton Manning’s record for most touchdown passes in a season by throwing 50.

From that year on the future hall of famer has been on a tear in the National สมัครเว็บ ufabetFootball League. Football analyst and fans around the country are always trying to compare Tom Brady to the other elite quarterbacks in the league such as Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning and Drew Brees. If you ask me I believe that they are all unique in their own way. Each of them possesses a different skill set that separates them from each other. A lot of young quarterbacks that were drafted in the late round can learn a lot from Tom Brady.

Even though he was not drafted in the first or second round of the NFL Draft. Tom Brady did not let any scout or draft expert perception of him discourage him from accomplishing his goals in the National Football League. Fast forward to 2013 the Patriots are still one of the league’s elite teams and Tom Brady is constantly making superstars out of his wide receivers. As long as Brady and Belichick are around the Patriots will continue to be a tough ball club to deal with in the National Football League.

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